Continuing with our Maharani Gin food pairing series we have something very special for you today. Looking for some special nibbles to pair your Maharani Gin with over Christmas and New Year? How about Cornflake Chivda. An indulgent fancy snack that is so simple to make. Irish_Indian_Cooking created this particular recipe just for us. Having a drink in India usually means having a savoury and we want to co-opt that tradition by transforming the humble cornflake into this spicy Chivda. This snack is made to be enjoyed with friends and chats or a special treat just for you. With chillies, curry leaves, nuts, salt, chilli powder and sugar this snack is a must-try. The spicy, salty and sweet flavour goes so well with Maharani Gin as the spice stays on your tongue and intensify the botanicals in the gin.


200g Cornflakes

½ tsp Salt

1 tsp Sugar

1 tsp Chilli Powder

1 tsp Dried Mango Powder

1 tbsp Oil 1 tbsp

2 Dried Red Chilies

2 Fresh Chillies

10-15 Curry Leaves

2-3 tbsp Roughly cut Almonds

2-3 tbsp Roughly cut Cashews

2 tbsp Peanuts

2 tbsp Cranberries

2 tbsp Sultanas


Heat some Cornflakes straight from the box in a wok for 3-5 mins on low heat, keep tossing regularly which will evenly heat all the cornflakes.

Add the spices and heat for another 3-5 mins or until cornflakes are coated with spices.

Remove cornflakes from heat and set aside. Use the same wok adding 1 tbsp oil, once heated add dried red chillies, split green chillies and fresh curry leaves and cook thoroughly until they are completely fried.

Add the nuts at this stage and cook them on low flame for 2-3 mins.

Add the Cranberries and Sultanas and give it a stir and add all the cornflakes and mix through.

Your cornflakes chivda is ready and you can store it in an airtight container once completely cool down.

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