We are delighted to share the exciting news that Rebel City Distillery’s Absinthe has been honored with a prestigious silver medal at the World Drinks Awards. Our expertly crafted Absinthe received high praise from the judges for its well-accessible and perfectly balanced flavor profile. Crafted in small batches, with each limited to only 150 bottles, our Absinthe stands out as a true testament to our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

At Rebel City Distillery, our master distiller Robert draws inspiration from a historic 1860’s recipe, creating an Absinthe that can be sipped and savored during meaningful conversations. Its allure as a delightful digestif or a key ingredient in exquisite cocktails makes it a versatile addition to any spirits collection. Whether you’re a seasoned Absinthe connoisseur or a curious enthusiast, our Absinthe is a must-have addition to your collection.

Chase the Fairy – Ireland’s Unique Absinthe Experience: Experience the enchanting world of Absinthe like never before with “Chase the Fairy,” a captivating and exclusive Absinthe experience only available at Rebel City Distillery. Delve into the fascinating history and intriguing lore of this iconic spirit as you join us on the first Saturday of every month at 5:30 pm. This immersive journey promises to leave you spellbound and enlightened. Book your ticket now 

Signature Serve: Uleyssus Mule For a truly memorable tasting experience, we highly recommend our signature serve, the “Uleyssus Mule.” Embrace the spirit of adventure with this delightful concoction, comprising 25 ml of Rebel City Distillery Absinthe, blended with 1 part Ginger Ale, and topped off with 10 ml of zesty Lemon Juice. This refreshing and invigorating cocktail is the perfect choice to savor our award-winning Absinthe in all its glory.