RCD Series: Absinthe


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It is the only Irish made absinthe available on the market distilled in premium small batches. It was created using a base recipe that our Master Distiller, Robert, discovered in a French book dated 1871 and each bottle is hand labelled. Blended with grande wormwood, green anise, and florence fennel, the Rebel City Distillery Series Absinthe pours clear and the signature serve of Absinthe and iced water transforms it from crystal clear to a semi-opaque white.⁠

ABV: 52.6% 500 ml

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Orders placed on or before Dec 18th : 4:00 PM will leave distillery on Dec 19th, any orders placed after that  will be shipped from Jan 9th 2023 onwards. LOCAL PICK UPFROM OUR DISTILLERY IN CORK OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10-4. Distillery closes on Dec 23: 4:00 PM and will reopen on Jan 9th 2023.

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